Rayotec Foil Kit

What's included

This underfloor heating mat kit includes the following:

  • High performance, self-adhesive Foil Mat 150 W/m²
  • 1 x Thermostat (free upgrade to touch-screen)
  • 1 x Commercial strength UFH tape
  • 1 x Floor Probe Conduit
  • 1 x Free next day delivery to mainland UK (Highland may take 3 days)

Kits covering more than 10m² comprise of 2 or more mats.
Each mat is approximately 0.5m wide.

Rayoflex Sticky Kit System 150W/m²

Electric Underfloor Heating For Under Carpet, Wood and Laminate

Choosing a size

Measure the free floor area in your room and order a system that covers 80-85% of that area. Awkward shaped room with fixtures should aim for 80% coverage. The heating cable within the mat cannot be cut short, so don’t order a mat larger than you need.  

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  • £127.00 inc. VAT

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Rayoflex Sticky Underfloor Heating Mat Kit

This 100% sticky, super thin foil mat for under floating floors including laminate, timber, real wood & carpet, is incredibly easy to install and gives a very flat, professional finish.

The Rayoflex mat is the best system to install under carpets. It's designed to go directly under your carpet and underlay, making it extremely low profile. 

Floor suitability

The Foil Mat Kit is suitable for most floor types:

  • Wooden Laminate
  • Engineered Wood
  • Carpet

When in doubt, check the suitability of your flooring for electric underfloor heating with your flooring supplier before you place an order.

Installation Method

Easy to install

Watch this video to see how easy installation is!

Installation service

For those who prefer to leave it to the experts we also offer a full installation service by our team of experienced, certified electrical installers.

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Suitable insulation is essential, not just to get the most efficiency from your underfloor heating, but also to protect the mat from damage.

Heating large areas or multiple rooms

It is not advised to use one underfloor heating kit for multiple rooms. It is important that each room has its own mat and thermostat for easy control of the system. 

Open plan rooms can be on a single thermostat as long as the area of matting is less than 22m².  For areas bigger than 22m² please order multiple systems.

 If a room has 2 different final floor coverings then 2 separate systems with individual thermostats should be used.

Our range of thermostats

Touchpad Programmable Thermostat - An attractive, modern digital thermostat which is programmable.

Freedom Wi-Fi Thermostat -  Similar to our standard touchpad thermostat but with the ability to controlled with your smartphone. Can be controlled by Alexa or Google assistant. No hub is required but you will need Wi-Fi internet connection (2.4G) . Multiple thermostats can be controlled with one phone.

NeoStat -E - A smart, energy saving thermostat which is perfect for multiple rooms that you can control with your smartphone or tablet (IMPORTANT: Requires optional hub for mobile access - available at checkout). The system can also be upgraded so that your boiler is also controlled by the same system. For more information click here.


Condition New
Size 1.0m², 1.5m², 2.0m², 3.0m², 4.0m², 5.0m², 6.0m², 7.0m², 8.0m², 9.0m², 10.0m², 11.0m², 12.0m², 13.0m², 14.0m², 15.0m², 16.0m², 17.0m², 18.0m², 19.0m², 20.0m²
Power (W/m²) 150W/m²
Floor type Laminate, Timber, Real Wood, Carpet

All orders received before 1pm on a weekday will be sent out on a next working day service (i.e. Mon-Fri) with Parcelforce for no extra charge.* If it's after 1pm, and you require the goods the next day, then call us on 01932 784848 and we will try our best to send your goods out.

If we have your mobile phone number, you will be messaged in the morning with a 2 hour delivery window. You're also able to login and track the progress of the delivery driver.

Best Practice: Even though the vast majority of goods are delivered on time, there are unfortunately occasions that Parcelforce will get things wrong and it will take 2-3 days. It's always best to order the goods a few days in advance. Once the goods arrive, open the boxes and check that everything is as expected. If you are installing it yourself take time to read the installation guide and feel free to call us with any questions.

*Applies to mainland UK and orders over £100. There may be some delays and extra costs for the Scottish Highlands.

Returns: You can cancel an order up to 14 days after you have received it. You then have a further 14 days to return the goods to us at your own cost. No refunds or exchanges will be made after this date.

All products must be returned unused and in a resellable condition. Mats cannot be unrolled or cut in anyway. If we received goods that are not resellable then we will send it back and a charge for the postage will apply.

Please contact us for a returns form if required. 

Frequently Asked Questions (Foil Heating Mats)

We make every effort to answer your questions. Below is a list of questions we are frequently asked. Please check these before contacting us.

  •  How much does it cost to run?
  • Consider an average room size of 10m². The heated area is approximately 80%, or 8m² .

    In the case of the 150W mats, when the heater is ON, the hourly consumption is 150W times 8m² , or 1200 Watts per hour.

    A properly insulated room, controlled by the recommended energy efficient thermostats, will operate at a duty cycle of 25% to 50% (meaning 25% to 50% of the time the heater will be ON, and the rest of the time OFF).
    In this circumstance the average electricity consumption for heating the room will be 300 - 600 Watts per hour.

    The actual hourly cost depends on your local electricity rates.

  •  Should I use insulation?
  • The use of insulation must be used in all installations. Not only will it protect the cable in the system but it will reduce warm-up time of the floor from over an hour to only a few minutes. This will provide you with a greater level of comfort and result in reduction of electricity cost.

    Floor Type
    Wood Palziv (6mm uncompressed) 
    Suitable Carpet Palziv (6mm uncompressed) 
  •  What is Palziv Insulation?
  • Palziv is an insulating material designed for under laminate/ engineered wood and Hessian- backed carpet . It is manufactured from cross-linked closed celled polyethylene foam. Palziv has excellent thermal insulating properties due to its low U-value. Palziv is water repellent - does not rot or go mouldy. Furthermore, it has a sound insulating effect, creating a "quieter" floor to walk on. Palziv is easy to install and are supplied from Rayotec in rolls of 10m² and 20m² with a depth of 6mm.

  •  Is it safe to use in Wet areas?
  • Yes, the cables are earthed.

  •  How easy is it to install?
  • The Rayoflex foil electric underfloor heating mats are extremely easy to install.

    Under laminate, engineered, wooden or Hessian- backed carpeted floors, the installer lays the heating mats on the specified insulation. The wood/ carpet (with underlay) flooring is then laid directly onto the mats in the usual manner.

    A qualified electrician is to complete the connection between the heating mats and the electrical circuit. No time-consuming calculations, labour or additional materials are required.

  • . What if my room is larger than your largest available kit?
  • You can two kits to heat one room. 

  •  Can I cut the mats?
  • You can cut the mesh but not the heating cable. 

  •  What is the thickness of the cable?
  • The cable is 2mm thick.

  •  How long is the cold lead of the mat?
  • The cold lead is 4m in length.

  •  Can I lay the mats under heavy objects/ fixtures?
  • No - the mats can only be located in the available free space. There must be some form of air gap between any furniture and the floor, so the heat may escape.

  •  Does it provide a primary heat source?
  • In most cases in a new build / well insulated property, the system can provide primary heating. In cases where homes have single glazing, vaulted ceilings, poor insulation levels or less than 80-85% cable heating mat coverage, the system may need additional heating from another source.

  •  What if my mat is a little too big for the room?
  • Once the packaging has been opened we are unfortunately unable to refund/exchange the mat. It is therefore important to order the correct size - if you are worried, please send drawings to one of our consultants who will be more than happy to design your system and send the correct items.

  •  What kind of floor coverings can I use and do I have any limitations?
  • Covering Thickness/ Tog
    Carpet Underlay
    Combined tog of 2.5 or less
    Wood Max thickness 18mm 

  •  Can the cable be damaged?
  •  Accidents do happen, try wear soft shoes when working with electric UFH and keep sharp objects away during the installation procedure!

  •  How safe are the mats?
  • The mats are manufactured and tested in full conformity with IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) Global Quality Standards.

  •  What is the warranty of this system?
  • The heating mats come with a 16 year manufacturers warranty.


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