Foil Kit System Installation

Installation under wooden laminate & engineered wood

(Floors must not be nailed down)

  1. Wooden Flooring.
  2. Rayomax / Rayoflex Foil Heating Mat.
  3. 6mm  Palziv Insulation.
  4. Floor Slab/ suspended wooden floor.

Installation under carpet

  1. Carpet (hessian/felt backed or seagrass) with underlay (Carpet Tog 1.7 or less, Underlay Tog 0.8)
  2. Rayoflex Foil Heating Mat
  3. 6mm Palziv Insulation
  4. Floor Slab/ suspended wooden floor
Helpful Advice: When installing under carpet it is advised to fit a 6mm batten all the way round the room so that the gripper rods are at the same height as the top of the insulation. 

Stuck Down Flooring (i.e. Amtico, Lino & some Wood)

The Rayoflex foil cable heating mat is not suitable for any floor that is to be glued down or with the use of latex based self-levelling compounds. For these floor types, please use the Webtech Cable Heating system .

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Basic Installation Method

  • 1 Prepare sub-floor by removing all dust and debris.
  • 2 Fix Palziv insulation to the sub-floor using a suitable adhesive spray. Ensure that the whole surface is covered.
  • 3 Once the insulation is fixed, unroll and correctly position the Rayoflex Mats.

  • 4 Every time the mat is cut and turned, close the gap between the mat and cover the cable with the foil tape provided.
  • 5 Cut a small groove into the insulation so the cold cable connectors lay flush and run them back to the thermostat.
  • 6 Lay the thermostat floor sensor in the conduit and place between mat turns.
  • 7 Re-test the mats to ensure none have been damaged during installation.
  • 8 With the system turned off, either lay the wood flooring or the carpet underlay and carpet. (Always read the full installation manual)