Electric Underfloor Heating Mat Kit for Under Engineered Wood or Laminate Flooring

The perfect heating solution for most floating wood floors, including wooden laminate,  engineered wood. This European made electric heating mat is incredibly thin and is amazingly easy to lay.

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If you have Vinyl Laminate or bonded flooring, i.e it needs to be stuck down, have a look at our Webtech range of mats

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Rayomax Non-Sticky 150W/m² underfloor heating mat

Rayomax Non-Sticky (150W/m2)

  • The most powerful mats on the market for under wood
  • Powerful and cost effective heating
  • Stuck down with included specialist cloth tape
  • Scroll down to watch how easy our mats are to install with our ‘How to…’ video

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Rayoflex Sticky 150W/m² underfloor heating mat

Rayoflex Sticky (150W/m2)

  • The most powerful mats on the market for under wood
  • Cable woven in for strength & flexibility
  • Fully adhesive for easy installation and a smoother finish
  • Scroll down to watch how easy our mats are to install with our 'How to...' video

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Install Service

For those who prefer to leave it to the experts we also offer a full installation service by our team of experienced, certified electrical installers.

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What makes our Rayoflex foil mats so special

Powerful Output

The system has an output of 150W/m² which is amongst the highest available for use under wooden floors. This gives a faster warm up time and is sufficient to provide the sole source of heat in most rooms.

Ultra Thin

The mat is less than 2mm thick so that you lose little height in retrofits.

Superior Build Quality

The heating cable is stitched to the foil instead of being taped or glued. This unique feature makes the mat much more robust and flexible so it lays flatter and is easier to manipulate during installation.


As with all of our mats it is earthed for added safety.

Electric Underfloor Heating Under Wooden Floors or Laminate

Best type of wood for underfloor heating

Underfloor Heating Under Laminate

Laminate flooring

What it is:  A multi-layer wooden flooring product fused together with a lamination process. The planks are interlocking. The planks are normally 7-8mm in thickness. (Please note that vinyl laminate are not suitable for our foil mats system. Our Webtech range should be used instead)

What are the advantages: Hard wearing, Cost effective easy to maintain and fit. Does not easily warp.

Is it good for underfloor heating: It is ideal for underfloor heating due to its thickness and excellent stability.

Electric Underfloor Heating Engineered Floors
                Engineered Wood flooring

What it is: It is a top layer of real wood stuck onto plywood. Typically between 14-18mm in thickness

What are the advantages: Looks like solid flooring, Can often be sanded and revarnished, Hard wearing, Heat resistant and not prone to warping. Often installed as a floating floor.

Is it good for underfloor heating: Engineered woods are also ideal for underfloor heating as it is stable copes well with heat. The thinner the engineered floor is the easier the heat will travel through.

 Solid wood

What it is: Planks of one type of wood 

What are the advantages: Can be sanded and re varnished many times

Is it good for underfloor heating: Not really. It warps very easily and cannot be floated but instead is screwed down.

Always get advice from your flooring supplier on the suitability of your wooden floor and underfloor heating.


9 Key points to safely using electric underfloor heating under wood floors

(1)    Moisture content

This is mainly an issue with solid wooden floors but it is important that the moisture content of the floor is kept at 8% or less to avoid warping. Check with the manufacturers upon ordering and make sure that the wood in transported and stored in a dry environment

(2)    Thickness of wood flooring

Wood in not a great conductor of heat so the thinner it is the higher the output of the system and the faster the warm up time. The maximum recommended thickness is 18mm.

(3)    Floating floor

Obviously you can’t nail a wooden floor down if you an electric underfloor heating mat underneath. All floors must be floating. It is possible to stick down wooden floors but you need a different mat. Call the office for more details.

(4)    Wooden floor underlay

It is possible to use a specialist wooden floor underlay over the electric underfloor heating mat but make sure it’s thin and is not the foil reflective type.

(5)    Maximum floor temperature

Wooden floors should never get above 27C. The room thermostats should have a floor probes which will automatically shut of the underfloor heating if the floors get above this temperature. All of Rayotec’s thermostats have floor probes to protect the flooring.

(6)    Let your flooring acclimatise

After you have installed the wooden flooring do not turn on the underfloor heating until the flooring has acclimatised. The length of time depends on the thickness of wood but it is typically 7-14 days.

(7)    Expansion gap

An expansion gap should always be left around the flooring. This is typically between 10-30mm (ask your flooring supplier for more details).

Insulation for under wooden floors
(8)    Earthed system

Make sure that the underfloor heating protect you sell is earthed for safety reasons even if it not installed in a wet room. All of Rayotec’s electric underfloor heating mats are earthed.

(9)    Insulation

Always use a suitable insulation under the electric underfloor heating. Not only does it reduce warm up time and running costs but it also protect the matting. Rayotec supply the advanced Palziv system that not only protects your underfloor heating mats but has fantastic insulation properties and a foot fall sound dampening effect.