Electric Underfloor Heating Mat Kit for Under Carpet

Very Easy Installation

Our fully-adhesive Rayoflex mat is the best system to install under carpets. It's designed to go directly under your carpet and underlay, making it extremely low profile.

If you have carpet that needs to be stuck down, such as carpet tiles have a look at our Webtech range of mat kits for bonded floors.

Scroll down to watch our engineer demonstrate how easy it is to install our mat & insulation in the video below

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Cross section of heating mat under carpet

Further Information

Rayotec Ltd is an award winning family run company with over 27 years experience in the heating industry. We take the time to source the best quality and best value heating mats so that we can offer you the luxury of warm floor at an affordable price. The Rayoflex heating mat is an advanced foil cable heating mat with innovative German design which can be used directly under soft-backed carpets or jute, hessian or felt-backed carpets or woven carpets. 

The mat is less than 2mm thick and comes in a roll with a sticky underside. With mat sizes of up to 10m² minimal wiring is required and it is one of the thinnest, easiest and fastest underfloor heating systems to install. The mats are suitable for most  carpets, laminate & engineered wood.  For more installation guidance click here.

The advantages of this system

Easy to install

Watch this video to see how easy installation is!

Ultra thin

The mat itself is less than 2mm in thickness making it a system that loses little floor to ceiling height in retrofits.

Primary Heating

The system has an output of 150W/m2 which is enough to provide all the required heating in most rooms that are up to current building regulations.

Build Quality

Engineered to the highest European standards.

Low Cost

The heating mats are of the highest quality yet are provided to you at extremely competitive prices. 

Minimal wiring

With mat sizes up to 10m2 available, in most rooms there will be no more than one or two mats that will need to be wired into your home.

Fast response time

The mat has 100% heat diffusion coverage due to its foil layer which maximises the output of the system reducing response time.

Even heat distribution

The reinforced foil ensures even heat distribution.


The system is earthed for added safety.


The Rayoflex foil cable heating mat has a 16 year Manufacturers Warranty.

No self-levelling adhesive required

No expensive extra costs, mess or waiting time for adhesives to dry as the system is designed so that the final floor covering is laid directly on top! 

7 key points to safely using electric underfloor heating under carpeted floors

The Rayoflex mat is the easiest system on the market to install under carpet and has been chosen by thousands of home owners across Europe. When installing your underfloor heating and choosing your carpet there are a number of important points to take into consideration.

 1. Tog value of the Carpet and Underlay

Neither carpet nor underlay are great conductors of heat so the lower the tog value is the more effective your underfloor heating will be with a higher output and faster warm up time. The maximum recommended combined tog of the carpet and underlay is 2.5. The tog value can be found out from your carpet retailer or manufacturer.

Low tog underlays suitable for underfloor heating include; Ball and Young Roma 0.8 Tog, Duralay Heatflow 0.75 Tog and Duralay King 0.8 Tog. Specifications can change so always check with your supplier before purchasing.

2. Type of carpetUnderfloor Heating Carpet

Electric underfloor heating is ideal for carpet as long as the tog values don't exceed the maximum recommended tog value (as mentioned above). Soft-backed carpets and carpets backed with jute, hessian or felt or woven carpets, to name just a few, are all perfect for our Rayoflex and Rayomax heat mats. If the carpet must be glued down then a mat from our Webtech range would be ideal. Get in touch for more information on the best heat mat for your home.

3. Maximum Floor Temperature

The flooring should never be heated above 27C. All of the Rayotec mat kits come with thermostats that have a separate floor probe which will automatically shut off the underfloor heating if the floors get above this temperature, which protects the mats, the carpet and you!.

4. Dedicated Thermostat

Different floor coverings have different insulating properties causing them to release heat at different rates. For this reason a thermostat with a single floor probe should only control an area with one type of floor covering. This means that open plan areas with multiple floor coverings will need more than one thermostat.

5. Earthed System

For added security, ensure that your underfloor heating is properly earthed even if it isn't being installed in a wet room as not all systems have an earth incorporated. All of Rayotec's Electric Underfloor Heating Mats are fully earthed.

Insulation for under wooden floor or carpet6. Insulation

Suitable insulation under your electric underfloor heating is essential for carpet flooring. Not only does it increase the efficiency of your system by reducing warm up time and running costs but it also protects the heat mats against damage. Rayotec supply the advanced Palziv system that not only has fantastic insulation properties but is also much easier and faster to install when compared to traditional foam boards.

7. Rugs and Bean Bags

Due to the insulating nature of carpet you shouldn't use a rug or bean bag on top of electric underfloor heating. The combined insulating factor prevents the heat from escaping and causing a localised hot spot which could damage the mat and flooring. Also try to use furniture with an air gap underneath for the same reason. The underfloor heating should not be installed under permanent fixtures.

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