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Is your inverter playing up?

Mastervolt inverter

PV systems are generally very reliable as there so few moving parts. The solar inverter is the hardest working part of the solar system and is full of electronics so therefore the most likely to fail. 

Rayotec can repair or replace solar inverters with a minimum of fuss. Newer inverters often come with long warranties of 10 years giving you peace of mind.

Why choose Rayotec?

  • Family Company
    We are a family company established 30 years ago who care about our customers and employees
  • No Hidden Charges
    Transparent Pricing - Each visit includes up to an hours labour which is long enough to fix many common problems.
  • Repair not replace
    One of the few solar companies to be trained to repair certain brands of inverters rather than replacing them  
  • Accreditation
    We are accredited NICEIC "Approved Contractors", the highest electrical qualifications a company can get. 
  • Experienced
    We have installed and serviced thousands of systems over the last 30 years   
  • Trustworthy
        Rayotec have been endorsed by "WHICH?" the UK's largest independent consumer organisation

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Signs your inverter is not working

  • If your FIT meter is showing that you are generating no energy or far less than normal then it could be because it your inverter has an issue.
  • Error messages on the inverter or warning light also give vital clues that something is wrong.

It is important that a PV engineer visits and tests the system and identify exactly what the problem is. Many of the problems we encounter while inspecting solar systems are fixed within an hour and are covered by the callout fee.

Where We Cover

By having experienced local engineers in a number of areas, we can provide a top quality, expert service whilst keeping our pricing very competitive.

Domestic Projects: We cover Surrey, Hampshire, Middlesex, Sussex, Kent, Berkshire & most of London. 

Commercial Projects: We cover the South East, Greater London, the Midlands and Bristol & Bath

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FREE assessment

We give a free telephone or e mail assessment for every new customer with solar inverter complaints. There's no obligation and there are no hidden charges. 

We'll ask you a few questions to diagnose any issues you have and can arrange a qualified engineer to visit if required.

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Our Services

Our experienced engineers will conduct a thorough investigation, not just of the inverter but of your whole system to pinpoint where the problem is and get it resolved as quickly as possible.

Sometimes the inverter just can't be fixed or its not cost effective to do so. If this is the case & the inverter is still within it's manufacturers warranty, we will ensure that all the necessary details are available for you to claim back directly from the manufacturers. If the warranty has expired then we can assess your solar PV system using a Solar Design Program which calculates the best replacement inverter for you by reviewing all kinds of factors including the location of your home and the number and positioning of your panels.

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Common Brands of inverters

We can work with nearly all brands of inverter but we are most familiar with the following brands

  • Growatt
  • ABB
  • Afore
  • Goodwee
  • Eversola
  • Chint
  • Solax


Customer in Reading

08 Nov 2017

A professional experience from my telephone call for help as renewing the solar generation failure by the friendly and informed electrician

Customer in St. Ives

25 Oct 2017


Customer in Seaford

22 Aug 2017


Customer in Sidcup

17 Aug 2017

Very efficient, professional work with knowledgeable answers to questions about solar systems

Customer in Fleet

13 Aug 2017

Very helpful engineer who explained options clearly and did an excellent job. He telephoned before the job analysed the problem and brought the correct equipment which meant that he did not need to go back to acquire spares

Customer in Reading

03 Aug 2017

Dave was friendly, knowledgeable and willing to explain what he was doing. He clearly understands the very advanced electronics in this equipment.

Customer in Tadworth

27 Jul 2017

Great work all went smoothly new changes in no time Clean work no mess Suggestions on long care made How system works informed and old unit removed for recycling Recommend the company