At Rayotec, we only sell heating mats made by the world’s leading manufacturers of underfloor heating. Our manufacturers test every underfloor heating mat after production as part of the manufacturing process. All of our mats come with a 16-year manufacturer’s warranty (see installation manual for terms and conditions – provided with every kit or available upon request).

Even though it is extremely rare, if a mat fails, it is nearly always because it has been damaged during the installation process. 

The following points will help you avoid this:

  • The underfloor heating mats must always be fitted by a qualified electrician according to current electrical standards.
  • Always read the installation manual before starting (even if you have installed electric underfloor heating before). If you have any questions, call and ask to speak to one of our technical advisors.
  • Mats must be tested before, during and after installation.
  • Never cut the heating cable (the cold power cable can be cut)
  • Lay the flooring as soon as you can after installation to protect the mats and avoid people walking over the mats once they have been laid.
  • Do not put thermal blockers (rugs, bean bags, chests etc) over the heating mats. Furniture must have an air gap underneath so that the heat can escape.


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