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Rayotec repair & maintain solar panels and systems around the south east.

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With a network of qualified electrical engineers in the South East, Rayotec is your local solar specialist. Contact us if your solar system has a fault, is damaged or needs servicing or regular maintenance. 

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Why Choose Rayotec

  • Which SolarFree Assessment and Fault Finding: Free telephone or email assessment and fault finding. In many cases we give advice over the phone that allows customers to get their system up and running themselves at no cost.
  • No Hidden Charges: Transparent Pricing - If a visit is required then it includes up to an hours labour which is long enough to fix many common problems.
  • Accreditation: We are accredited NICEIC "Approved Contractors", the highest electrical qualifications a company can get. 
  • Experienced: We have installed and serviced thousands of systems over the last 30 years
  • Great Value: We have local engineers dotted around the South East and group call outs together to lower costs 
  • For Domestic Systems we cover Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Middlesex, Berkshire, Kent and Greater London. 
  • For Commercial Systems we cover the South East, London, Midlands and Bath & Bristol Area. 
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Fault Finding and Repairs

Even though solar PV systems are generally very reliable, sometimes things do go wrong. If your system stops generating energy or doesn't seem to be generating as much as it used to, one of our expert engineers can come and assess system, identify the problem and resolve any issue quickly and efficiently to ensure that your Solar PV System is back to full working order as quickly as possible. All of our call outs include up to 1 hour of labour and luckily we can resolve quite a large range problems within this period.

Common issues with Solar PV systems:
  • Faulty parts including inverters
  • Damage by pests such as pigeons
  • Storm damage
  • Reduction in electricity generation
  • Loose electrical connections

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New solar panel installations

Likely faults in the main components of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems

1. Solar array

Solar panels are very reliable as they dont have any moving parts. It is however possible that DC cables that join them together or the connectors can be damaged by water ingress or pests.

2. Roof mounting

If it sounds like the panels are moving in the wind then its best to get it checked out as soon as possible. It could be a failed anchor or a loose clamp. 

For some roof integrated systems where the solar power panels replace the tiles and become flush with the rest of the roof the flashing will need to replaced periodically.

3. Inverter

The Inverter is most likely thing to develop a fault in a solar system. There are a number things that can go wrong but always check your fuse box to see if the solar switch has tripped. Otherwise call us for more assistance.

4. Generation meter

If the meter is blank then typically a switch has tripped in your fuse box. Otherwise it will probably need to be replaced. If the meter has stopped going up it means that something has failed within the system

Rayotec Ltd

Rayotec is a family run business. With over 30 years of experience working in Solar Energy under our belts you can rest assured that we have the knowledge and expertise to check your system thoroughly and efficiently. As Which? Trusted traders we ensure that the work we do is of the highest quality and that our customers get the exceptional service that we are known for. We have installed thousands of system throughout the South of England and as a well established business we are able to group our calls geographically in order to keep your costs low, and with every call including up to 1 full hour of labour we are able to offer the highest level of service at the best possible price. Added to that, as we are based in the South East of London, we are in the perfect place to offer expert, local advice and servicing to the Greater London Area and the Home Counties. 

Common PV problems in detail

Inverter failure

Very few components of a solar PV system have moving parts so therefore they are incredibly reliable. The most common component to fail within a solar system is the solar inverter. Sometimes it is obvious that the inverter has failed by the error code but often it requires an solar engineer to check the system to see were the fault lies. If you system is not working our engineer will check that there is power going to the inverter and the DC voltage across the panels is within the correct range. If the power and DC voltage are all fine then the fault lies with the inverter. 

Hopefully the inverter is under warranty and the manufacturer will send a replacement model otherwise it will need to be replaced. Some inverters can also be repaired but it is based on the availability of spare parts. Luckily replacing inverters is often a simple process and newer inverters have an estimated working life of about 15 years. Unfortunately Rayotec are not able to work with systems with micro-inverters.

Blank generation meter

The most common cause of a blank generation meter is that a fuse/breaker has tripped in your fuse box. It is simple for you to check but also be aware that sometimes the solar has its own mini fuse box.

Storm damage on solar

Although solar panels are pretty tough they are known to get damaged in high winds. It is generally a projectile which smashes a panel. If you are unlucky and this happens to you the first thing that you should do is contact your insurance company.

If the model of solar panels is still available then it is a simple swap. However if it is not then the whole string of panels may need to be changed as you can't mix panel types on a single string. We have the design capability to come up with a solution that works and is acceptable to insurance company.

Pigeon issues with solar

If there are pigeons nesting under your panels then you should get it dealt with as soon as possible before the damage the array. We have found that adding a mesh border around the panels are the most effective deterrent.

If your solar system seem to be working well then it is best to call a pest control company who also specialise in solar as they will be the most cost effect option. Many can be found on Google. If the solar system is not working then call us as we may have to lift the panels to undertake repairs before the pigeon mesh is fitted.


Maggie Mcdonnald

09 May 2019

The engineer did an excellent job in sorting everything out for us!

Checkatrade Customer in Woodbridge

13 May 2018

Solar inverter (failed) was replaced. “Prompt, courteous and intelligent service. Removed all rubbish. Couldn't have asked for more.”

Checkatrade Customer in Ingatestone

08 Feb 2018

New inverter fitted - Excellent.

Checkatrade Customer in Guildford

09 Jan 2018

Check system and supply and fit new inverter. “Carried out to my satisfaction very well. Very pleased with all aspects of work from initial contact with Rayotec to job completion."


08 Nov 2017

A professional experience from my telephone call for help as renewing the solar generation failure by the friendly and informed electrician

Customer in Seaford

22 Aug 2017


Customer in Sidcup

17 Aug 2017

Very efficient, professional work with knowledgeable answers to questions about solar systems

P Manley

08 Apr 2017

Rayotec installed our Solar PV system so when the inverter failed, typically only months after the manufacturer's warranty expired, I contacted them about a replacement. I spoke with Reza who gave me two options with prices and when I had made my decision Reza kept me informed of progress of the order and the install date. The wait time for installation was only one week and good communication was maintained throughout this period. Dave came to install the new inverter and he was excellent. He was punctual, very efficient with a high level of expertise, very helpful and always polite - a credit to Rayotec. When Dave identified a further problem with my panel array, caused by nesting Jackdaws between the panels and the roof, he was again very knowledgeable and helpful in recommending a pest control company who could resolve the problem. I am very happy with the service I received from the Rayotec Team and cannot recommend them highly enough.


01 Feb 2017

I've had underfloor heating and solar panels fitted by Rayotec, I'm very happy with both the work done and the top service they gave me. They are friendly, professional, I had a small problem with the boiler system, which they very kindly took the time to explain how it all worked so the issue was resolved. They really went above and beyond the call of duty, and I recommend them highly to others, no problems at all. I'll be booking them again for another job on another property very soon.

Customer, Lingfield

04 Jan 2017

We had our solar panels serviced by Rayotec. The Engineers arrived on time and were very efficient, the men were pleasant and polite and explained in details what they were doing, very helpful