Rayotec Loose Kit

Kits Include:

  • High Performance Loose Cable
  • 1 x Free Upgrade to a Programmable Touch-screen Thermostat (further upgrades are available at check-out)
  • 1 x Commercial strength UFH tape
  • 1 x Floor Probe Conduit
  • 1 x Free next working day delivery*

Suitable insulation is important for getting the best efficiency from your underfloor heating - Don't forget to add it at checkout

Loose Cable Kit System

Loose cable kit For Under Tiles, Karndean and Amtico

Choosing a size

Measure the available exposed floor space in your room. We recommend that you choose a system which covers 85-90% of this free floor area. For example, if your room measures 15m2 , you would purchase the 12-13.8m2 loose cable kit.

Contact us if you require a kit for an area over 15m²

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  • £100.00 inc. VAT

Customise this product

Follow the instructions below to customise this product.


Your underfloor heating system can be purchased in 2 simple steps!

  1. Choose the size and quantity of kits that you require and add any insulation or thermostat upgrades as necessary.
  2. Proceed to check out and complete the billing and shipping details.

How do I know which size to order?

Measure the available exposed floor space in your room. We recommend that you choose a system which covers 85-90% of this free floor area. For example, if your room measures 15m2 , you would purchase the 12-13.8m2 loose cable kit. If you are at all unsure, please get in touch by phone, 01932 784848.

Our range of thermostats

Touchpad Programmable Thermostat - An attractive, modern digital thermostat which is programmable.

Freedom Wi-Fi Thermostat -  Similar to our standard touchpad thermostat but with the ability to controlled with your smartphone. Can be controlled by Alexa or Google assistant. No hub is required but you will need Wi-Fi internet connection (2.4G) . Multiple thermostats can be controlled with one phone.

NeoStat -E - A smart, energy saving thermostat which is perfect for multiple rooms that you can control with your smartphone or tablet (IMPORTANT: Requires optional hub for mobile access - available at checkout). The system can also be upgraded so that your boiler is also controlled by the same system. For more information click here.


Condition New
Length (m) 11.0m, 18.0m, 25.0m, 39.0m, 63.0m, 86.0m, 155.0m
Size 0.8 - 1.0m², 1.4 - 1.7m², 2.0 - 2.3m², 3.0 - 3.6m², 5.4 - 6.2m², 7.0 - 8.0m², 12.0 - 13.8m²
Floor type Tiles, Amtico, Karndean

All orders received before 1pm on a weekday will be sent out on a next working day service (i.e. Mon-Fri) with Parcelforce for no extra charge.* If it's after 1pm, and you require the goods the next day, then call us on 01932 784848 and we will try our best to send your goods out.

If we have your mobile phone number, you will be messaged in the morning with a 2 hour delivery window. You're also able to login and track the progress of the delivery driver.

Best Practice: Even though the vast majority of goods are delivered on time, there are unfortunately occasions that Parcelforce will get things wrong and it will take 2-3 days. It's always best to order the goods a few days in advance. Once the goods arrive, open the boxes and check that everything is as expected. If you are installing it yourself take time to read the installation guide and feel free to call us with any questions.

*Applies to mainland UK and orders over £100. There may be some delays and extra costs for the Scottish Highlands.

Returns: You can cancel an order up to 14 days after you have received it. You then have a further 14 days to return the goods to us at your own cost. No refunds or exchanges will be made after this date.

All products must be returned unused and in a resellable condition. Mats cannot be unrolled or cut in anyway. If we received goods that are not resellable then we will send it back and a charge for the postage will apply.

Please contact us for a returns form if required. 

Should I use insulation?

We strongly advise to the use of Insomax insulation when installing the electric underfloor heating system. By using insulation you can reduce warm-up time of the floor. This will provide you with a greater level of comfort and result in reduction of electricity cost.

What is Insomax Insulation?

Insomax insulation board has been developed for use with Rayotecs' electric underfloor heating mats under tiles and any floor covering being laid on top of a latex based self-levelling compound.

Insomax insulation boards are made up of extruded polystyrene foam, produced environmentally friendly, without the use of CFC or HCFC blowing agents, have zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and are fully recyclable.

Insomax insulation boards have high thermal insulation properties, high compressive strength (30 tonnes per m2) capable of supporting long term static loading, waterproof, rot resistant, light weight/easy to handle, easily cut with a sharp knife and available in a variety of depths (Please contact the office for depth requirements of over 50mm).

For installation on wooden suspended floor then our Ultrabacker should be used as it can be screwed down as well as bonded.

Is it safe to use in Wet areas?

Yes, the cables are earthed.

How easy is it to install?

The cable electric underfloor heating mats are extremely easy to install.

Under tiles, the installer simply lays the cable electric underfloor heating mat directly between the sub floor/insulation and tiles. The same flexible tile adhesive used for fixing the tiles is used for bonding the Insomax insulation onto the subfloor.

The laying of the insulation and mats can be done easily by any consumer. Due to the web like mesh, in most cases a primer will also not be required- only a little amount of cloth tape is needed to fix the mats down.

A qualified electrician must complete the connection between the heating mats and the electrical circuit.

How do I know which size kit to order?

Measure the available exposed floor space in your room. It is advised that you purchase a system which allows 80-85% coverage. For example, if your room measures 15m2 , you would purchase the 12 - 13.8m2 kit.

What if my room is larger than your largest available kit?

Contact us if you require a larger system

What is the thickness of the cable?

The cable is 4mm thick.

What is the working temperature of the cables?

The cables work at approximately 30-40 ºC

How long is the cold lead of the mat?

The cold lead is 3m in length.

Can I lay the mats under permanent fixtures?

No - the mats can only be located in the available free space. There must be some form of air gap between any furniture and the floor, so the heat may escape.

Does it provide a primary heat source?

In most cases in a new build / well insulated property, the system can provide primary heating. In cases where homes have single glazing, vaulted ceilings, poor insulation levels or less than 80-90% cable heating mat coverage, the system may need a source of back up.

What if I damage part of the cable?

It is best to replace the mat. It is not ideal however accidents do happen, try wear soft shoes when working with electric UFH and keep sharp objects away during the installation procedure!

How safe are the mats?

The mats are manufactured and tested in full conformity with IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) Global Quality Standards. The continuous foil-coated screening jacket ensures 100% guarantee of electrical safety and absence if electromagnetic radiation.

What is the warranty of this system?

The heating cables come with a 16 year manufacturers warranty.


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