Repair Service of Faulty Mastervolt Solar PV Inverters


Mastervolt are a large inverter and controls manufacturer based in Amsterdam, Holland. They have been making solar inverters for many years and were heavily involved in the UK market between 2010 - 2014. They have a new range of inverters (Soldon 1000, 1500, 2200 and 3000 WEB) although these are not currently distributed in the UK. Much more common is the older Sunmaster range - Mastervolt Sunmaster XS2000, XS3200, XS4300 and XS6500.

Repair of Mastervolt Inverter

Is My Mastervolt Inverter Faulty?

If your solar production stops or is significantly lower than expected then it could be that your Mastervolt inverter is faulty. A PV engineer would need to test the system but some telltale signs are a buzzing noise coming from the inverter, continual restarting of software, blank display or certain error codes.

Replacing the inverter is relatively simple but as new inverters are transformerless we will have to inspect how the inverter is connected to the properties electrical system.

Need a solar engineer?

With a network of qualified electrical engineers around the UK, Rayotec is your local solar specialist. Contact us if your solar system has a fault, is damaged, needs servicing or regular maintenance.

Why choose Rayotec?

  • Which Solar Family Company
    We are a family company established 30 years ago who care about our customers and employees
  • No Hidden Charges
    Transparent Pricing - Each visit includes up to an hours labour which is long enough to fix many common problems.
  • Repair not replace
    One of the few solar companies to be trained to repair certain brands of inverters rather than replacing them  
  • Accreditation
    We are accredited NICEIC "Approved Contractors", the highest electrical qualifications a company can get. 
  • Experienced
    We have installed and serviced thousands of systems over the last 30 years  
  • Great Value
    We have local engineers dotted around the South East and group call outs together to lower costs  
  • Trustworthy
    Rayotec have been endorsed by "WHICH?" the UK's largest independent consumer organisation

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Our Services

Our experienced engineers will conduct a thorough investigation, not just of the inverter but of your whole system to pinpoint where the problem is and get it resolved as quickly as possible.

Sometimes the inverter just can't be fixed. If this is the case & the  inverter is still within it's manufacturers warranty, we will ensure that all the necessary details are available for you to claim back directly from the manufacturers.  If the warranty has expired then we can assess your solar PV system using a Solar Design Program which calculates the best replacement inverter for you by reviewing all kinds of factors including the location of your home and the number and positioning of your panels.  

Where We Cover

By having experienced local engineers in a number of areas, we can provide a top quality, expert service whilst keeping our pricing very competitive.

  • Domestic Projects: We cover Surrey, Hampshire, Middlesex, Sussex, Kent, Berkshire & most of London.  
  • Commercial Projects: We cover the South East, Greater London, the Midlands and Bristol & Bath