Pool Heating with a Heat Pump

Rayotherm pool heat pumps utilise the suns free heat but collecting and absorbing the energy from the outside air. This heat is then transferred to the pool water in an extremely efficient manner. 

The existing pool pump circulates the water though the heat pump which heats up the water to the desired temperature. The existing boiler can be kept as a backup if required. As the water is typically only being heated to about 28-30C the heat pump works very effectively and can achieve up to 5 units of heat for each unit of electricity.

We have two models of pool heat pumps,

  1. Rayotherm: Suitable for outdoor pools that works from April to September 
  2. Rayotherm+: All year round performance for indoor heat pump.

Benefits of using an air source heat pump for pool heating.

  • Heat pumps are the most efficient way to heat both indoor and Outdoor swimming pools
  • COP of 5 achievable meaning that 5 unit of heat are returned for each unit of electricity used
  • Works to -5C
  • Keep your existing boiler as a back up
  • Savings for Oil and LPG users of up to 50%
  • Compatible with PV Systems

Constructed for durability and longevity

Using advanced and high quality materials like PVC and Titanium for the heat exchanger means it can resist to erosion from chlorine in the water. Also, the exchanger is oversized to improve efficiency. 

Advanced control

The integrated microprocessor monitors all the sensors and controls the device without any intervention of the user. Electronic display ad control and easy operation is standard with all our heat pumps. 

Running quietly

The use of a high efficient, low sound rotary or scroll compressor, a low noise two speed fan and oversized heat exchanger makes the unit extremely quiet in operation.