Cable Kit System Installation

Installation under Tile Flooring

Installation under Amtico, Karndean or Vinyl Flooring

The high powered 200W/m² mat is only suitable for installation under tiles. Always check suitability of flooring with manufacturers.
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Basic Installation Method

  1. Prepare sub-floor by removing all dust and debris.
  2. Fix Insomax insulation to the concrete sub-floor using a flexible tile adhesive. Ensure that the whole surface is covered. (for wooden subfloors please use ultrabacker boards)
  3. Once the insulation is fixed, unroll and correctly position the Webtech Mats.
  4. Cut the mesh to make turns in the mat. Be careful not to cut the wire itself!

  5. Run the cold cable to the thermostat.
  6. Re-test the mats to ensure none have been damaged during installation.
  7. Lay the thermostat floor sensor in the conduit and place between mat turns.
  8. With the system turned off you can either cover the system with a suitable flexible self leveling compound of tile directly on top using a flexible tile adhesive. 
  9. If the final flooring is vinyl or Amtico, use suitable flexible self-leveling compound and lay the final flooring once dry. The minimal depth of self leveling compound is 14mm but it could be higher depending on the floor build up (particularly if insulation is used).