Frequently Asked Questions (Elite and Webtech Mats Only)

We make every effort to answer your questions. Below is a list of questions we are frequently asked. Please check these before contacting us.

  • How much does it cost to run?
  • Consider an average room size of 10m2.
    The heated area is approximately 80%, or 8m2.

    In the case of the 150W mats, when the heater is ON, the hourly consumption is 150W times 8m2, or 1200 Watts per hour.

    A properly insulated room, controlled by the recommended energy efficient thermostats, will operate at a duty cycle of 20% to 50% (meaning 20% to 50% of the time the heater will be ON, and the rest of the time OFF).
    In this circumstance the average electricity consumption for heating the room will be 240 - 600 Watts per hour.

    The actual hourly cost depends on your local electricity rates.

  • Should I use insulation?
  • We strongly advise to the use of Insomax or Ultra Backer Boards insulation when installing the electric underfloor heating system. By using insulation you can reduce warm-up time of the floor from over an hour to only a few minutes. This will provide you with a greater level of comfort and result in reduction of electricity cost.

  • What is Insomax Insulation?
  • Insomax insulation board has been developed for use with Rayotecs' electric underfloor heating mats under tiles and any floor covering being laid on top of a latex based self-levelling compound. For installations over a suspended floor please use our Ultra backer boards.

    Insomax insulation boards are made up of extruded polystyrene foam, produced environmentally friendly, without the use of CFC or HCFC blowing agents, have zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and are fully recyclable.

    Insomax insulation boards have high thermal insulation properties, high compressive strength (30 tonnes per m2) capable of supporting long term static loading, waterproof, rot resistant, lightweight/easy to handle, easily cut with a sharp knife and available in a variety of depths (Please contact the office for depth requirements of over 50mm).

    Insomax insulation has the same thermal conductivity (0.027W/mK) and compressive strength (300kPa) as Marmox and Aquapanel, but at a much more competitive price.

  • Is it safe to use in Wet areas?
  • Yes, the cables are earthed.

  • How easy is it to install?
  • The cable electric underfloor heating mats are extremely easy to install.

    Under tiles, the installer simply lays the cable electric underfloor heating mat directly between the sub floor/insulation and tiles. The same flexible tile adhesive used for fixing the tiles is used for bonding the Insomax insulation onto the subfloor.

    The laying of the insulation and mats can be done easily by any consumer. Due to the web like mesh, in most cases a primer will also not be required- only a little amount of cloth tape is needed to fix the mats down.

    A qualified electrician must complete the connection between the heating mats and the electrical circuit.

  • How do I know which size mat to order?
  • Measure the available exposed floor space in your room. It is advised that you purchase a system which allows 80-90% coverage. For example, if your room measures 15m2, you would purchase the 12.7m2Mat. If a room is of an awkward shape with many fixtures in the centre of the room, it is advised that you purchase a system that allows approximately 80% coverage.

  • What if my room is larger than your largest available mat?
  • Several mats can be connected in parallel to a junction box. Please remember that the thermostats allow a maximum of 16 amps, therefore the maximum on one circuit is approximately 23m2. If the amperage in one room exceeds 15 amps, then either a contactor will need to be installed by your electrician or another thermostat will need to be purchased.

  • Can I cut the mats?
  • You can cut the mesh but not the heating cable.

  • What is the thickness of the cable?
  • The cable is 4mm thick.

  • What is the working temperature of the cables?
  • The cables work at approximately 30-40 ÂșC

  • How long is the cold lead of the mat?
  • The cold lead is 2m in length.

  • Can I lay the mats under permanent fixtures?
  • No - the mats can only be located in the available free space. There must be some form of air gap between any furniture and the floor, so the heat may escape.

  • Does it provide a primary heat source?
  • In most cases in a new build / well insulated property, the system can provide primary heating. In cases where homes have single glazing, vaulted ceilings, poor insulation levels or less than 80-90% cable heating mat coverage, the system may need a source of back up.

  • What if my mat is a little too big for the room?
  • Wrongly ordered mats can happen, in circumstances where the mat is a little too big you can remove the mesh and lay the cables closer together. Please note the smallest gap between cables is 5cm. Be aware that in doing this you will find this area with the cables laid closer will be slightly warmer compared to the rest of the area.

  • What kind of floor coverings can I use and do I have any limitations?
  • Covering Thickness/ Tog
    Carpet Underlay
    Total 2.5 Tog or less
    Tile 5mm - 30mm
    Wood 12mm or less
    No limitations stated, all are standard thin materials.
  • What if I damage part of the cable?
  • Please contact the office for the repair kit. It is not ideal however accidents do happen, try wear soft shoes when working with electric UFH and keep sharp objects away during the installation procedure!

  • How safe are the mats?
  • The mats are manufactured and tested in full conformity with IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) Global Quality Standards. The continuous foil-coated screening jacket ensures 100% guarantee of electrical safety and absence if electromagnetic radiation.

  • What is the warranty of this system?
  • The heating mats come with a 16 year manufacturers warranty.