08 Apr 2016

Installing Electric Underfloor Heating Under Carpet

This article will discuss installing electric underfloor heating under carpeted floors. Rayotec sell an advanced  electric underfloor heating mat that is specially designed to work under wooden floors and carpets. 

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5 key points to safely using electric underfloor heating under carpeted floors

(1)    Tog value of Carpet and Underlay 

Carpet and underlay are both not great conductors of heat so the thinner they are the higher the output of the system and the faster the warm up time. The maximum recommended combined tog of the carpet and underlay  is 2.5. This information can be found out by the carpet retailer or manufacturer.

(2)     Type of carpet

Hessian, felt backed and seagrass carpets are generally compatible with electric underfloor heating as long as the tog values don’t exceed the maximum limit.

(3)    Maximum floor temperature

Carpet should never get above 27C. The room thermostats should have a floor probes which will automatically shut of the underfloor heating if the floors get above this temperature. All of Rayotec’s thermostats have floor probes to protect the flooring.

(4)    Earthed system

Make sure that the underfloor heating product you purchase is earthed for safety reasons even if it not installed in a wet room. 


(5)    Palziv Insulation: Easy to install

Always use a suitable insulation under the electric underfloor heating. Not only does it reduce warm up time and running costs but it also protect the matting. Rayotec supply the advanced Palziv system that not only has fantastic insulation properties but is also much easier and faster to install when compared to traditional foam boards

I Installation under carpet

The Rayotec Underfloor floor heating system – Rayoflex

Rayotec sell the advanced Rayoflex mat. This is a fully earthed mat with an output of 150W/m2 that is incredibly easy to install. In fact two competent people can lay over 80 m2 of Palziv insulation and Rayotec flex electric underfloor matting in a day! The mats range in size from 1m2 to 10m2 and multiple mats can be used to heat one room.

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