11 Mar 2016

Loose cable systems vs electric mats

  • Loose cable systems
Loose cable systems are ideal for smaller rooms with awkward shapes. Especially in small bathrooms you can heat right under the sink and to shower/both maximising heat output and eliminating cold spots. 
  • Mats

Electric underfloor heating mats make installation quick and easy. The wires have the correct separation allowing even heating at the correct output. The mats are self adhesive making installation more straightforward.  The quality of the mats are important as some mats have very flimsy mesh or are packed badly and will refuse to lay flat when installing.  

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Insulation for under tiles


If possible ALWAYS insulate under your underfloor heating system. There are special high density boards available that are designed so that you can tile straight on top of. The boards are available from only 6mm in thickness making possible to install in areas with limited floor height.

The major advantages of using insulation are:

  1. Lower running costs
  2. Faster heat up time
  3. Easier installation

Rayotec sell a premium insulation board at a range of thicknesses prefect for any installation under tiles. 


With underfloor heating you tend to have one thermostat per room. All of our digital thermostats are programmable giving far higher level of control and allows you to control running costs.

The thermostat will need to be located somewhere where it can detect the average temperature of the room.  Locations near windows, radiators, fireplaces etc should be avoided. The thermostats are not IP rated and therefore should not be installed in wet rooms (bathrooms etc). A floor probe should always be installed to limit the temperature of the floor.

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How to install electric underfloor heating under tiles