How they work

Rayotec's Proactive storage electric radiators are so called because of their ability to conserve heat generated within the core of the heater. The heat retention is achieved by a series of fire clay heat plates in the centre of the radiator with up to 20 individual plates for a single radiator. Each heat plate has a coiled heating element totally buried within it, forming an integral part of the plate.

When the heater is switched on, the element gets hot instantly, transmitting the heat generated to the heat plate with a matter of minutes. Once heated the heat plate will retain its heat for over 30 minutes. The hot heat plate transmits the heat to the metal casing and flutes of the radiator which then heats the room by radiated heat, in the same way as a normal central heating radiator with the added advantage of powerful convection heat through the hollow flutes.

Each radiator has a digital electronic thermostat which measures the air temperature of the room allowing the room temperature to be regulated to maintain a pre-determined temperature set by the user. As the temperature drops in a room the thermostat senses the change and switches the heater on, perhaps for only a minute to re-heat the internal plates. This continual dynamic re-heat process continues thereby maintaining the room temperature. This ability to sense temperature changes and react immediately to them is one of the great benefits of this type of heating. Because of this ability to heat up quickly the use of electricity is limited and the cost of using the heaters can be just a few pence per hour, recent tests in the UK (2007) have confirmed the efficiency of these radiators.

Not to be confused with night storage heaters, which require an overnight charge, these heaters can be used any part of the day or night. These electric radiators are designed to run on standard electricity tariffs however special tariffs are available offering low cost electricity overnight, during the day and evening.

Manufactured in Germany to the high engineering standards for which German engineering is renowned. The radiators are produced in the most modern factory of its kind with the most up to date production and powder coating facilities. Recent tests have confirmed that the product is manufactured to the very latest European safety standards achieving both CE and GS marks and VDE approval for quality of the components and manufacturing. Rayotec's Proactive radiators come with a 30 year manufacturer guarantee (2 years guarantee on the thermostat)

1. Heating element

2. Refractory clay plate

3. Steel housing for refractory plate.

4. Hollow flutes

5. Heavy duty powder coating

6. Air movement through ribs

7. Radiation into room


Each radiator has a simple to use digital 7 day timer to allow total control of your heating. 

The sophisticated controls allow you to have the highest levels of comfort while achieving the highest level of energy efficiency.

Advantages of the Rayotec Proactive Radiators

  • No maintenance  
  • Fully controllable 
  • No fuel storage required 
  • Only pay for fuel as its used 
  • No smells 
  • 100% Efficient 
  • Simple installation 
  • Fully automatic controls 
  • Ideal conservatory heater 
  • Available wall mounted or free standing 
  • 30 year guarantee radiators come with a 30 year manufacturer guarantee (2 years guarantee on the thermostat)