Electric Radiators

The Electrical Revolution

Households up and down the country are swapping their old storage heater with new Proactive Electric Heaters. They are energy efficient, produce a comfortable heat when you want it and can lift the looks of any room with their modern classic looks.

Rayotec provide a full design and installation service to help people upgrade from storage heaters to Rayotec Proactive storage heaters. We do a room by room heatloss calculation to calculate exactly what size radiator you need. We check the electrics of the property and make sure that it is suitable otherwise we can upgrade it for you. The old heavy storage heaters are removed and disposed safely and brand new Rayotec Proactive Electric Heaters are installed and fully set up and ready to go.

The controls are explained to the client and you can have peace of mind that you have German made radiator with a 30 year guarantee. Rayotec are fully insured and have NICEIC approved contractor electrical installation qualifications (the highest level possible).

Summary of Advantages

Energy Efficiency

Storage heaters cant help releasing heat once charged - whether you want it or not. This means that when charging up you have to store more electrical energy than is usefully used. This wasted energy is not required when using a Rayotec Proactive Electric Radiator allowing you to save energy!


Storage heaters often leave owners too hot in the morning and too cold at night. As the Rayotec Proactive Radiators provide instant heat with easy to use digital controls you can ensure the highest level of comfort at all time aesthetics 


Rayotec Proactive have a slimline attractive design which will lift the look of your whole house.