Immersion Bypass

The Rayotec Immersion Bypass automatically converts energy generated by your existing solar PV panels into hot water by intelligently diverting unused power to the immersion heater before it's exported to the national grid. Simple to use and maintenance free, the Rayotec Immersion Bypass is self contained and can save you a substantial amount on your hot water bills.

Solar Immersion Bypass 2How it works

The Rayotec Immersion bypass monitors the household power consumption and recognizes if power is being imported or exported, it then begins heating the water when as little as 100W is being exported. 
The intelligent switch will correspondingly reduce the power sent to the immersion heater when there is a change in weather conditions, and if any other appliances are switched on around the house, e.g. the washing machine. This ensures water is only heated using the surplus power generated by the PV system.
If the power used by the house decreases, even if it's only by a few watts, our system will automatically increase the power to the immersion heater to use all of available surplus, rather than the excess going back to the grid.


  • Produce Free Hot Water from your existing solar PV panels 
  • Make better use of the poorly paid exported solar generated electricity 
  • Customers will retain solar export income if it's unmetered 
  • Save on your Gas/Oil bills 
  • Operates with minimum export to grid 
  • Works independently from solar installation 
  • Works even on Cloudy days 
  • No need to change your immersion heater 
  • LCD screen displays readings 
  • Simple fit and forget process