Mr & Mrs Seymour, Kingston Upon Thames

15 Oct 2013

Mr and Mrs Seymour live in a 1960's block of flats which has a penthouse garden room in Kingston Upon Thames over looking the River Thames. Their property was going under complete refurbishment and required new flooring, new bathroom, new kitchen, updated decoration and heating system.

Mr & Mrs Seymour wanted to use a mixture of floor coverings within their property and a system that could provide a primary heat source. They wanted a heating system that would be quick and easy to install and would not require the additional work of taking up their existing flooring or increase their existing floor level by a noticeable amount.

With the mats being only 2.2mm in thickness and the advantage that carpet, tiles and wood can be installed directly on top of the ribbon heating mats, the floor will be raised by a minimal amount. The house was to have a mixture of final floor coverings including tiles and wood.

We asked Mr & Mrs Seymour how they felt about having electric underfloor heating and they wrote back saying it was:

fantastic! and the running costs are cheaper than our conventional system!