Solar for Swimming Pools

Outdoor and indoor swimming pools are both major investments, and to maximise the return on the investment they need to be heated for comfortable use. However heating a swimming pool is not only very expensive but also a burden on our environment.

The low temperatures required for swimming pool heating make it an ideal application for solar heating systems.

Rayotec can supply and install two types of solar heating for swimming pools.

  1. Rayotec CPC INOX Evacuated Solar Panel for indoor and outdoor pools
  2. RayOku unglazed panels for outdoor pools

Rayotec CPC INOX Evacuated Solar Heating Panel

The Rayotec CPC INOX solar heating panels have been used extensively throughout the UK to heat indoor and outdoor swimming pools in both domestic and commercial projects. The area of solar heating panels should be equivalent to around 30% of the pool surface area. This is reliant on the panels being south facing and being within close proximity of the swimming pool.

The vacuum technology of the Rayotec CPC 6 INOX solar panels means that there will be high performance all year round.

Advantages of Rayotec CPC 6 INOX solar panel for swimming pools

  • Less panels need due to higher level of performance
  • Year round contribution especially useful for indoor swimming pools

The RayOku solar collectors have been designed with outdoor swimming pools in mind.

The solar heating panels are made from a high strength, homogeneous polyethylene material that is frost resistance and are strong enough to take the weight of a fully grown man. The solar panels are interlocking and join together to form the solar heating array. The array can be installed near the swimming pool on a flat or sloping roof or even on the ground.

The swimming pool water is pumped directly through the solar heated panels. The RayOku solar heating system works best in the late spring summer and early autumn which makes outdoor swimming pools an ideal application. The solar hating system can be used as the only source of heat or as preheating before being topped up by your conventional heating source.

The total area of the solar array needed corresponds to around 50-60% of the swimming pools surface area. The panels can be laid flat or at an angle.

Advantages if RayOku unglazed solar collectors

  • Performance matches the swimming season of outdoor Swimming pools.
  • Low cost