Solar and Underfloor Heating

How it Works

The water in the thermal store cylinder is heated directly by the boiler to around 60 - 70°C (this direct connection allows for very fast heat recovery). There are three coils within the thermal store that are linked together externally. The mains water enters the bottom coil and passes through all three coils reaching its desired temperature at the top. This allows the thermal store to achieve an exceptional flow rate which is beneficial if the property has a number of bathrooms & power showers.

There are two tappings in the thermal store to provide heat for underfloor heating. The solar coil is positioned at the "super-cooled" lowest part of the thermal store to ensure maximum solar benefit. This area of the cylinder is not heated by the boiler and is further cooled by the cold water coming from the mains going through the bottom domestic hot water coil. These factors allow for a higher level of contribution from solar energy towards heating, when compared to conventional thermal store cylinders.

Solar Thermal Store

The thermal store cylinder is not only the most advanced cylinder on the market in terms of performance and low running costs but also an ideal way to combine floor heating and mains pressure hot water. The cylinder is supplied with a manufacturers lifetime guarantee and is made from duplex stainless steel. The Rayotec solar thermal store has an industry leading design devised by experts in both the solar and underfloor heating fields. Its function is simply to obtain maximum efficiency and therefore the highest savings from the solar system. Our solar thermal store cylinders are designed to work with solar panels and a boiler but can also be easily adapted to take additional heat sources such as stoves, back boilers and heat pumps. We also can supply an all electric thermal store if you don't have a boiler.


  1. Mains pressure hot water - powerful showers without pumps
  2. Reduced fuel bills
  3. Effective preheating of underfloor heating using free solar energy
  4. Reduced boiler cycling - extends boiler life & improves efficiency
  5. Condensing boiler operates in condensing mode for longer periods
  6. High flow rate

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