John & Imogen Kesteven, Middlesex

15 Oct 2013

John and Imogen have been working on a single storey 24m 2 extension in their home in Greenford, Middlesex. They chose to use underfloor heating for several reasons, including lack of wall space to install radiators and preferred the use of invisible heating, better heat distribution and the fact that the system would be working with a digital programmable room thermostat giving them better control.

We asked John to comment on the installation process of the underfloor heating system and he commented:

Easy! The mats fitted perfectly and my electrician only had to wire it to the junction box.

We also asked regarding the comfort of living with underfloor heating along with the running costs, his comments were:

Very comfortable, the building is so well insulated that one hour's heat in the morning lasts all day. Haven't had the season yet, but early signs are promising (had a look at the meter when it was the only thing on in the house and it wasn't whizzing round!).

John made a few extra comments with regards to the system:

The programmer is so compact and brilliant, and seems easy to set/program, I am very pleased to have found you! You did everything in a friendly and efficient manner; from James's helpful emails and selection of mats, to the prompt delivery and easily managed packages. Your guarantee is a comfort; if it fails I'm not sure what we can do apart from taking up (wrecking) the flooring. With no moving parts, I suppose the only thing that could happen is for the mice to chew through the wires!