John Hill, Oxfordshire

15 Oct 2013

John Hill lives in a 3 bedroom semi detached home in Wantage, Oxfordshire. His most recent mission was to completely refurbish his kitchen. Already in his home he has underfloor heating the ground floor, with radiators heating the upper floor. He chose to install underfloor heating as it is a neat and cost effective alternative to radiators. It also allowed him easy positioning of furniture around each room.

John chose the Ribbon heating system as it was easy to install under tiles. We asked John how he found living with underfloor heating and the running costs and he told us:

Very comfortable and without cold spots. Independent timer/thermostats for each room allowing complete control. The system is very cost efficient. Whole of the downstairs has underfloor heating. The electric costs for the whole house £1.70 per day in the summer and £3.50 per day in the winter (2009). Not sure what the costs were before underfloor heating fitted but overall costs for the house has not obviously increased.
ribbon underfloor heating 1 ribbon underfloor heating 2

We asked John if he had any final comments and he said:

With the cost of Gas only due to increase due to limited supplies, electric heating is the only cost effective green option for the future. Underfloor ehating is very comfortable, efficient and neat alternative to electric wall heaters. Rayotec's service, advice and prompt delivery is excellent.

Thank you John for such positive comments and some examples of your past bills, I am sure many will find it very useful!

ribbon underfloor heating 3