Jane Kelly, Dorset

15 Oct 2013

Jane from Dorset has a 5 year old apartment which needed a replacement heating system. She wanted to completely remove the ugly storage heaters, so her project involved finding a suitable underfloor heating system with a low profile which would work well under carpet. She had gladly previously tried underfloor heating in her bathroom and en-suite, and had become an underfloor heating convert!

She chose the ribbon electric heating mat system supplied by Rayotec as it is a system that can work directly underneath carpet and still provide a primary source of heating. Her electrician had only installed one electric system before, but found the ribbon mats a relatively easy install.

We asked Jane how she finds living with underfloor heating and she commented:

I love it!! And so does my dog! Having a warm floor is so luxurious and my new carpet is very long pile to make it even softer. The heat is gentle but very warm and cosy and the programmers are very responsive.

As a final comment:

I am very glad that I made the change to underfloor heating!

Thank you Jane!