Freddie Oswald the Cat, North Yorkshire

15 Oct 2013

Freddie lives in a beautifully extended cottage in the North Yorkshire Moors with his Mum and Dad. His family chose to install underfloor heating as there is no gas or oil in the village, so it meant they had a choice between storage heaters or underfloor heating. Freddie said:

I can't stretch out on a storage heater so they chose underfloor heating.

We asked Freddie why they chose the Ribbon hitting system and he purred:

My dad is very tall and we didn't want to lose a lot of height by raising the floor level. I chose it so I can spend all day sleeping in a warm spot.
ribbon underfloor heating 1 ribbon underfloor heating 2

They found the system easy to lay, and the electrician at first was a little unfamiliar with how to best install it but we are glad to hear the system is working well!

We asked how they find living with UFH and the price of running the system and Freddie purred:

Fantastic! It's always toasty warm after a night out chasing mice. Whichever room I go in, it's lovely. We have just had our first "proper" electricity bill and Dad was very pleasantly surprised by how little the heating cost - we will have more money for Whiskers, milk and cat toys! In fact our bills are barely more than at our old house which was on conventional gas central heating

Thank you Freddie the Cat, don't forget to snuggle your Mum and Dad, they may feel left out if you end up snuggling the carpet all day long!