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Foil Kit System: For Under Wood, Laminate and Carpet

Highest quality electric underfloor heating engineered in Germany for under wood, Laminate and Carpet.

Rayotec Ltd, a family run Company with over 24 years experience in the heating industry brings to you the advanced Rayoflex foil cable heating mat with innovative German design which can be used directly under hessian or felt backed carpet, Seagrass carpet, laminate, engineered and most real wooden flooring. The mat is less than 2mm thick and comes as a roll with a sticky underside. They come in a variety of mat sizes ranging up to 10m 2 which means that little wiring is involved and that it is one of the thinnest, easiest and fastest underfloor heating systems to install.

The advantages of this system include:

No self-levelling adhesive required

No expensive extra costs, mess or waiting time for adhesives to dry as the system is designed so that the final floor covering is laid directly on top!

Ultra thin

The mat itself is less than 2mm in thickness making it a system that loses little floor to ceiling height in retrofits.

Primary Heating

The system has an output of 150W/m 2 which is enough to provide all the required heating in most rooms that are up to current building regulations.

Build Quality

Manufactured in Europe to the highest European standards.

Low Cost

The heating mats are of the highest German quality yet are provided to you at extremely competitive prices.

Minimal wiring

With mat sizes up to 10m 2 available, in most rooms there will be no more than one or two mats that will need to be wired in to your home.

Fast response time

The mat has 100% heat diffusion coverage due to its foil layer which maximises the output of the system reducing response time.

Even heat distribution

The reinforced foil ensures even heat distribution.


The system is earthed for added safety.


The Rayoflex foil cable heating mat has a 16 year Manufacturers Warranty.

Installation Procedures

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