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Cable Kit System: For Under Tiles, Karndean and Amtico

Highest quality electric underfloor heating engineered in Germany for under tiles, Karndean and Amtico.

Available in 150W/m 2 & 200W/m 2

Under Karndean / Amtico

Simply pour 8-10mm fibre based latex based self-levelling compound on top of the cable and suitable insulation before glueing the vinyl or Amtico on top.

Rayotec Cable Mat system with WEB-TECH Technology

Rayotec are introducing the new to UK market, German designed, double conductor cable heating mat. The mat is made up of a shielded twin core cable that is fixed onto a unique fibre web mesh.

The advantages of this system include:

No sticky primer required for tiled floors

The WEB-TECH Adhesive Technology of the mesh means that in most cases a primer will not be required under tiled floor. The heating mesh simply holds itself to the insulation with a small amount of duck tape.*

Ultra thin

The heating cable is a mere 4mm, so you can tile directly on top of it with a thin layer of flexible tile adhesive.

Primary Heating

Great things come in small packages, this thin cable has a powerful output of approximately 150W/m2- enough to provide primary heating in most rooms that are up to building regulations.

Fixed Spacing

The cables are fixed on to the mesh at fixed spacing's, so there is no need for constant adjustment and time consuming laying.

Approval Details

The compliance with all necessary requirements is approved by appropriate certificates:

Minimal wiring

One mat can cover up to 14m2, which means in most rooms there will be only one or two mats that will need to be wired into your home.

16 year Manufacturers Warranty

The Manufacturers of this fantastic cable mat system have installed underfloor heating systems in excess of 2,500,000 worldwide.

* Primer may be required if floor is not completely clean and free of loose debris.

Installation Procedures

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Follow Rayotec's basic installation method for installing your Cable Kit System under Tiles, Karndean or Amtico. Read more here.

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Here you can find answers to any of the frequently asked questions about the Cable Kit System by our customers. Read more here.

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